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We offer a wide range of beauty services

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Massages (Spa's)

Pedicure, Classic Pedicure, Manicure, Classic Manicure, Body Message, Body Polishing....


Adv.Bridal Facials, Gold Facials, Diamond Facilas, Platinum Facial, Silver Facials....

Hair CareZ

Hair Fall, Dandruff, Hair Spa, Aroma Oil Massage, Mix Oil Massage, Oil Massage....


Eye Brows, Forehead, Chin, Checks, Full Face, Upper Lip...


Glod Bleach (Face, Neck & Hands), Diamond Bleach (Face, Neck & Hands), Fruit Bleach (Face, Neck & Hands)....


Chacolate Wax (Hands, U.Arms & Half Legs), Gold Wax (Hands, Half Legs), Hands Wax, Full Legs, U.Arms....


Henna, Black Henna (Herbal), Garnier, Revlon, Bigen, Loreal...

Hair Cuts

Straight Cut, 'U' Cut, Deep 'U' Cut, Baby Cut, Blunt cut...


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We offer a wide range of beauty services monthly

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Why DreamZ

We have latest trends and styles in hair, skin and exotic spa treatments. DreamZ's Women Beauty Parlour has unique style and edge that showers you with personalized attention. DreamZ's provides the services such as waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure to exotic facials. We are outstanding in the quality of services. We ensure more gains and no pains to the customers with our satisfactory deals. Every service that we deal gives an amazing and long standing effect on your body. By this way, we add value to your money that is being spent for our services.