Mehndi Designs : Coloring hands, legs with henna paste or mehndi is a popular practice in India. Ladies adorn themselves with artistic mehndi designs for every occasion like marriage, party or even wear them to office. Different types of mehndi is available like red henna,black henna, glitter, stones. Variety of colors are used to decorate the mehandi designs or you can just go for the traditional ones. Every hand looks amazing with mehndi and currently there is a craze for mehndi. They wear them as temporary tattoos. Here are a collection of the lot of Beautiful mehndi designs for every occasion and if you like them please share with your friends.



Stylish Mehandi are quite simple ones. DreamZ designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. this option suits the best if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg.


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